Giver or Taker?

We can’t receive without giving. So give more to receive more A measurement of receiving more, and therefore giving more, is materialism. It is the intention of spirit converted into matter. If you are generous indeed, you will receive more in return.

You need to spend and increase the flow of money, to attract more money. Many suggest that wealth is best tasted and shared through experiences rather than objects of desire.

Givers are found that last more successful than takers as we know from statistics. It can be service or any material doesn’t matter. As more service related to the current needs presented the more money can be converted.

Time VS Money

I was thinking about this lately. It is better to learn someone fishing instead of giving a fish.

It could be argued that the best form of charity is education and enterprise, while it feels good to dominate money people feel it doesn’t all go where it is intended. Offering your time for teaching and guideline it is better than giving money.

Time is the most precious value someone can give to an other. Time never comes back, instead money does.

Giving guidelines spending time is priceless. Time this days is undervalued so much. Invest time instead of money could turn into money sometime. Don’t underestimate the power of time investment for your growth as a human being in business and so on. Everything is correlated to personal growth..

An Indirect Approach for Goals

What skills do I need to be rich?

We often look at things in 3rd dimension of this world In a direct way of getting things done.

There are 20 rules that the author P.T Burnum describes an indirect way of getting rich. Which is personal development as well as building a good character within.

By the moment a person has good values and mindset success is inevitable.. [Tom Butler-Bowdon]


Health equals to Wealth.

Warren Buffet says having good genes is essential for having wealth. This in my opinion is true when it comes to wealth generation. Being in good health condition we don’t just endure more years in life but can be more effective and productive!

Living in great vitality, health and maintaining good energy will grow your wealth exponentially. While going for log work/doing a daily exercise waking 3 hours earlier than working hours are some habits that could increase the productivity for more effective work. It is true that long hours are not key for success, but short and productive are far beyond what people expect as a success factor!

As I said in previous articles hard work is an illusive perception when it comes for Wealth generation and success!


👉 Are the epiphanies you have in your life

💀 Most good ideas can be characterized as skeletons. They can provide good structure but they need muscles around to support them. They need extra material for support to be useful.

💡 Ideas can be about a speech, course, project, business, campaign, life progression anything we would like to create. But without “flesh” it could not be manifested or materialized.

🔍 We can take ideas from the world around us, but we have to be good observers to find what has been done to be seen by everyone.

Connection as a scalable system

🎯 Is achieved by talking to many building good relationships and trust!

🧠 Listening and understanding your customers can build rapport between you and them. Connecting frequently creates a bond that is more likely to reciprocate.

🤝 Everything around us is build on relationships.

🏢 The same applies for a business.

☝️ The One Customer

😍 Treat your customer as if it’s the only One.

🙌 Where entrepreneurs thrive and stand out is in meeting expectations like personal touches, building reciprocity and treating customers like they are, because they are.

🤝 Building good relationships is beyond the company’s norms of courtesy. Treating customers with respect and answering questions shouldn’t have to be rewarded. They are meant to be served with altruism!

👑 Neutrality is destructive

👍 Best marketing is to become a beacon for your people, tribe and audience.

🤴 And is never about selling a service or a product but making a stand why the should believe in the message you deliver.

⚖️ To maintain your company you have to find your own profile in a positive way that correlates with your precise audience. You need to be more aware of who you are and then strategically highlight the unique aspects of your personality. This way your business keeps and holds the attention of your customers.