Fear of Ghosts?! – 2. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude (series) – motivation ep.

😨 Don’t! Halloween is Gone!

🎃 Halloween Purpose is Done, sending fear away! Knowing your Potential you can send Your fears Away, also.

😥 Don’t ever Doubt yourself. Letting Fear “trick” you with False beliefs! Learn the Truth about You and Fulfill your Own Purpose!

✊ Do What must be done! Your set Goals must be complete! Just, prove your Potential!

⌚️ Your past is Your Proof!

1. A guide through Entrepreneurs’ Solitude (series)

✊ Remove The Echoes of the Past create a New Present, make new habits! ->Clear Your mind (go for a walk)

😊 Remove Internal Noises..-> Listen to Marketing Experts (Fill Your Inner World with New Marketing Stuff)

😍 Remove External Noises-> Isolate Yourself or Speak to Co-marketeer to Replace Others’ distractions

🤩 Then find your Inner Voice AND Purpose to Externalize!

😉 Become The Noise of The Future

The “noise” that Everyone Needs to Hear!

Pathway of Solitude

👨‍🏫 Law of Rubber Band for business growth

To conceptualize the topic well, we have to understand what attributes a rubber band has.

🗺️ It needs a relative to expand as long as it is applied on it’s material.

✊ Also has the ability to return its initial length state.

👲 This applies in business too, when someone’s lost consistence. Meaning that no implementation of work could “drag” you back to Your “initial state”

💹 Reason?! Could be the lost of motivation or enthusiasm when there is no perspective for growth..

🗺 Your map to treasure! ðŸ™‚

🧠 Before Landing a Business… Some Fundamentals have to be Considered.. 🤷‍♂️

🤔➡️ Is There Any CLEAR Need in world’s Market to offer your service? Is there any gap to fill? Making research for what people needs most.. (ex: google trends) Thinking about the latest events..

💁➡️ How Will I be able to beat the competition? Uniqueness of the personal brand considering the basic Laws of Growth always.. Using your differentiator that could be your bonuses or your group..

Is there a clear strategy to implement? Focusing on the One product.. Having organized daily schedule.. ✊

🧐 And.. all of these.. are included in your business plan.. 🗺 Your map to treasure! 🙂


🧐 Law of Modeling Others’ Success

Law of Modeling Others’ Success

😍 There is a lot to say about success stories. In many areas in life someone could be considered as successful in personal life, entrepreneurship or being an employee. In business someone can succeed having real estate trading company, fitness company, consultancy and more.

✊ In consultancy business a coach has a strong purpose to teach appropriate and lead people to success.

✊ A good coach, cares, observes well, leads to progress, aligns, communicates directs people to success.

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🧐 Law of Curiosity for growth

Cure For Boredom?!

😱 It seems to be true!..

🧠 As Dorothy Parker said: “The cure for boredom is curiosity” . Without curiosity, the laws of physics would be undiscovered. And so many stuff we see in modern world, would be non-extent.

😵 Having a beginner’s mindset is essential for curiosity. As the ancient philosopher Socrates said: “The only thing that I know is that I know nothing.”

👉 Asking why, could be one of the practices to cultivate curiosity. Remember growing yourself can grow your business, also. . ✊

👨‍🎓 The Law of Trade-Offs

Are you willing to grow and reach your potential?

✊ Trade what it seems to be the obstacle. Remember that the obstacle is the way.
💹 It could be our ego, bad habits or even a false mindset.
👉 When we have to create more leaders and multiply ourselves we meet an ego – obstacle.
👉 When we rend to watch a lot of movies we meet the obstacle of bad habits.
👉 Believing that it’s impossible to success in life means that we have wrong mindset.

👍 But anyway We determine what success actually is.

🏢 Law of Ladder in Your Company

🤔 Are your habits improving your business? “Which is actually based on you.”

🧠 Assess your daily habits each one of them. Do they help for personal growth? Mental health is important as it is related to your decisions. Keep in mind that a health body provides clarity. So health can be related to wealth. Without health there is no wealth. There is not a doubt about it.

✊ Grow Yourself and your company will Grow with You!

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😫 Law of Pain for Success

There is a quote: no pain, no gain

🧐 That depends on your actions towards pain. First assess your attitude towards negative experiences. In business a negative experience could be a bad review, no profits or feeling stuck not knowing what to do in general.

😵 Knowing where you are, means that you know where you lack. Then fill the empty spaces in your company that correlate with your needs and strategy. As you go through the process assess and re-assess every step until it’s done.

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👨‍🎓 Law of Design in career

Is My Life well designed?!

🗺️ To design your life you have to see the big picture first. Think about your life taking the most basic areas, like career, faith, family, health, hobby or even vacation.

🔎 Create a concentrated focus to the area, you need most. In case that you need to develop your career, a division to smaller areas is a must.

➡️ Then choose a direction, focus your designed system to it and implement.

⁉️⁉️ Why?! Because this direction fits more to you for personal reason you already thought about..

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