🤩 A Vision, Your Vision – 9. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude

👑 Everyone of us wants a business, maybe an online business. But do We have a Vision? A purpose to serve, something that fulfills each and every Action.

🌍 In The End you may Leave a Legacy for others to remember. Be Inspired from You and Grow because of You.

🌈 Leaving Your mark on this planet, making a difference is a Huge.. thing. This could NEVER happen If You Don’t get OUT of YOUR Comfort Zone!!

Pathway of Solitude 

🤩 Energy flows, where energy Goes, results Grow – 8. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude

What do you work on, works!!

🤗 Utilize your non-physical wealth, can make you rich. Everyone is wealthy. Everyone is born with values, skills, abilities and a personality. These Traits can make you Unique and provide you Zero Competition!

🤪 Tap into your best traits and convert them to physical wealth, cash! Can be used in online business where over 50 million people became millionaires!

😍 To be One of them Tap into Yourself and Alter Your Reality!

😲 To Be POOR, is to consume! – 7. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude

🤯 I read this .. And I was surprised How it Truly Applies to reality!

😊 Wealthy people produce for others to consume. They produce MORE than what they consume. Here applies the Pareto Principle, 90/10, 80/20, 70/30 or 60/40. Where the big number to the left, refers to production and the lower number to consumption. As big the number of production is, far more wealthy we will be. It also applies in the online businesses, creating content. It can also be referred in general 80/20 rule without giving much attention to the number itself.

🥱 I know it’s hard to change direction easily because we have to reduce our Velocity (tendency) to consumption. As Russell says be a content producer not a content consumer. But in general BE a Producer! 👌

Pathway of Solitude

🤩 Gateway for wealth – 6. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude

😧 I’m Stuck!!! I don’t find a Way!

Follow the tracks of Money and you will find Wealth. You are the Books that you read, the Podcast that you Listen to and Company you are into.

😇 Read Books about Wealth, Money and Business. Listen to Podcasts about Wealthy people and stories. Join Facebook groups or any Social Media related to your Interest.

👌 Keep Going on to Your Wealthy Destination

😮 Complaining?! – 5. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude

😡 No excuses! But explain to yourself why I step back? Answer it-find it-pass through it.

In modern world we complain about TONS of Stuff. In the End it lasts to be a distraction the Whole process of complaining.

But! In this world we have so many opportunities We Fail to see. Unlimited Internet, Free stuff online, Endless Information and so on! Ask Google and You will find the Answers.

There is a Quote.. “Go Below, go above, just find a Way! Something like this 😜

Every Big Journey Starts with a single-small step.. Trust the process. 😊

🥺 Oh My.. It’s Hard.. – 4. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude (series)

😲 They say Entrepreneurship could be hard. But i say, every Beginning could be Hard. Is there a way that could Make it easy? Videos could be hard, but do you know many Marketeers make Sales Without a video?

🤩 Difficulty is related to complexity. What if You Simplify the Video process? Write down a Script for your Video. When it is Done, the hard becomes easier.

🤪 Alter the task’s difficulty from hard to easy and the process to success get’s Done faster.

Sometimes tasks are not that hard as we THINK! 😁

😲WoW.. Audience

😱 Wondering who would be your audience that your business is referring to?! Good Question. The ones that would like you, know you trust you. A business is built on trust!

🤤 Where are they?! They are in a place that they can congregate, comment, discuss about different stuff. They are in a place where people look for your offer.

🤤 For What Your Audience would be hungry for? Their needs are related with the niche they desire. And everything else would be additional bonus to your main Offer.

Underdog Advantage – Dean Graziosi

Fear of Ghosts?! – 2. A guide through Entrepreneur’s Solitude (series) – motivation ep.

😨 Don’t! Halloween is Gone!

🎃 Halloween Purpose is Done, sending fear away! Knowing your Potential you can send Your fears Away, also.

😥 Don’t ever Doubt yourself. Letting Fear “trick” you with False beliefs! Learn the Truth about You and Fulfill your Own Purpose!

✊ Do What must be done! Your set Goals must be complete! Just, prove your Potential!

⌚️ Your past is Your Proof!

1. A guide through Entrepreneurs’ Solitude (series)

✊ Remove The Echoes of the Past create a New Present, make new habits! ->Clear Your mind (go for a walk)

😊 Remove Internal Noises..-> Listen to Marketing Experts (Fill Your Inner World with New Marketing Stuff)

😍 Remove External Noises-> Isolate Yourself or Speak to Co-marketeer to Replace Others’ distractions

🤩 Then find your Inner Voice AND Purpose to Externalize!

😉 Become The Noise of The Future

The “noise” that Everyone Needs to Hear!

Pathway of Solitude