Managing Emotions Vs Having wealth

Warren Buffet said, “until you manage your emotions don’t expect to have wealth”

 Manage what you already have, then you will be able to manage your money. Barriers to wealth as we conclude is a lack of awareness, understanding and control of your emotions. 

 And.. As Plato said Excessive pain and pleasure are regarded as the greatest disease to which soul is viable. The one verifies the other, expressing the same concept! 

 I assume that knowing thyself and managing the emotions you figured out can be your superpower!

🔎 Charisma, the x-factor

🤩 It can be brought out or be taught, even in quit individuals.

🤴 If a leader develops charismatic traits furthermore, can increase the overall effectiveness in leadership.

📖 By using stories, metaphors, high expectations, and even facial expressions can employ and gain charisma to inspire others.

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🔥 Leader personality

This type of personality can be adopted from birth or learnt by time. Experience is essential of both situations whether you were born with or not. Learning about leadership, business and psychology implemented in practice could increase the experience. When sales knowledge is taught can persuasion can be applied to persuade people. This can be very useful for getting a job, joining partnerships and more! 😎

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👉 Status in Business

Someone buys clothes for example, to show higher status in the world. The same applies to other niches and markets. It’s another kind of need to express what we truly are by matching the inner style with “appearance” Anything that increase the confidence of someone’s desire to buy. Also, could be something that eliminates fear and tends to be a survival choice. A choice that could increase confidence so that the individual could not feel scarcity about feeling uncomfortable or unsafe. These feelings could be appeared by someone’s bad choice about health, wealth and relationships. These are the sub-markets where all the niches are included as described before.

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