Lungs for Home..

Nowadays our environment ‘s lost the amount of oxygen and has been replaced with carbon dioxide and other substances harmful for our cells. Also as much CO2 we contain in our cell as much lower energy we release to be productive etc. There are some plants like aloe that act like oxygen bombs and clean the air. Which means that carbon dioxide ‘s been converted to oxygen and the air is less polluted.

When you take 1 or 2 of them is enough to be multiplied to many as it’s able to reproduce with small amount of water. When you have a lot in your room, then you will have the best atmosphere in your house. In case that you are unable to transfer your oxygen bomb plants you could create “airways to transfer or share the air to other spaces. Using small fans installed for aeration similar to those in bathrooms. Then tubes come to deliver the oxygen in other rooms (ex. living room).

This is a solution for any person with breathing issues, dizziness, drowsiness ,etc.. Especially now everyone which is affected with COVID-19 can be very well supported. As well as when the person is treated can support him/her for the breathing issues.