🤩 Optimistic or Sceptic

Sometimes we overanalyze about something or being to positive about a decision. The truth lies in between.

  Overanalyzing it could hold us back. Being too positive or optimistic could make us rush into bad decisions. Making un look naïve by the way we follow or obsession

 The most successful billionaires advice people to trust their instincts but protect the downside. Which seems to be a very good one, ’cause we have to trust our gut as we are confident , skillful and smart people. But don’t go in a “dark pathway” without know basic knowledge. (at least)

Be skeptical when it is required not every single moment of your day Asking saves you time and takes out of the risk. This happens only if you depend on people but not leaving them to bully you! Trust but verify!

Being able to fluctuate between these extremes offers you one of the best skills in business. As could be an investment in your negotiation skillset.

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A personality is related to a business style and expression. 

Someone could express in a uniqueness that differentiate from everyone else. Just that could be a reason of a lead’s following. 

That is what makes an attractive leader. Some well-known qualities can make him attractive like the knowledge, care, vision and so on! 

Without leaving behind the human side including the flaws! That can also make a leader attractive, the one who creates the business itself. 

💡 Certainty and Clarity

An other attribute of millionaires and billionaires is their certainty and clarity.

✨ Clarity in purpose and vision it motivates investors and team to work for completion. None gives funds to a confused mind out of purpose and direction. An idea at first seems “blurry”, time gives clarity to the idea. Give yourself time to think and make the idea clear in mind. Allow time to pass in purpose as the events of life could make the idea even sharper! Be certain ad confident about the idea, to keep it in mind.

👩‍🏫 None trust the outcome of an idea expressed without being clear about sharp n’ clear plan.

-> [Money (by Rob Moore)]

💫 Visionaries, World Changers!

💡 They can view the world as their playground! They see possibilities that offer value and they can visualize scale. They motivate people to follow their vision, inspire investors to support them.

🤔 They can see years or decades into the future and reverse engineer the process. They set mini goals or steps and adapt their life to meet their vision. They see a vision as a higher purpose or a supreme goal.

👈 They have a direction in life and hardly feel lost. They fight to find their way to their vision instead for a way in life.

💶 Rich-People’s Beliefs

😇Serve a vast majority of people. Make their vision greater than your fear of scale, you may have. Let your vision be about serving people in need. Their vision is greater than the resistance from others. They solve world’s biggest problems. Their mission seems impossible not to fulfill.

😎 They live in a high opulent standard. Having balance between altruism and narcissism. Share money, serve others and enjoy life in the same time.

⚙️ They know how money work and what it is. Money is, which is trust and debt. It is a universal exchange of value. It is spirit converted to matter. It is like knowing how to drive a car if we don’t know how it works, there no chance to maintain it a good condition. The same applies to money, if we don’t know how they work we cannot keep them. 💸

⏱ Have a wonderful time!! 🙂


👑 Earning VS Enjoying Time

💶 Time is precious, because time never comes back. So.. time is not equal tom money. There is a quote: “Time is money”, but I doubt that. It can be exchanged for money.

⏱ But we can leverage time by investing energy to create residual income. Because we invest energy and focus to residual income it cannot be called “passive”. We are still “active” nurturing the system. Like, using email marketing, organic traffic and content creation.

💪 Growth never stops. Keep on, never stop growing. 😉

🔥 Working Hard Is A Myth

🤩 This Is One of The Biggest Myths Ever. There is no need for hard work when you got to the point where you work smart. Smart work is far more efficient for success. We will see below why.

⛓ Sacrifices? No, need when it comes to deliberating habits. Gratification through daily life is important to keep us going.

⚙️ Grind? No need, when you keep the process running smoothly. Taking breaks, by making self-reflection can remove the grind. Compete yourself without burning-out is crucial. Compare your present-self with yourself in the past without rushing to surpass others. Everything Comes on Its Time, as Well as Your Success.

🔥 Work Smart. Self-Reflect every Minute of an Hour. Direct Yourself to Growth Habits that lead not to Entropy, to Achieve Success. Because pushing Hard can have inverse results, ending up Burned Out! 😌


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👉 Is it who we are the best what we could be? When we admit that this is what we can do we limit ourselves. Go out of your boundaries and comfort zone to face a different environment. Then we force ourselves to bring out other abilities and then we admit we are something else. Challenge yourself to make things happen. Sometimes a simple thing like breathing fresh air can help us think with clarity. Knowing where we are is like knowing where we stand. Knowing who we want to be is like knowing where we want to go. 😉

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Your destined role..

👉 What is your biggest strengths? Channel them, call them, collect them, increase them. It could be in many areas leadership, teamwork, communication, creativity and more. The point is personal growth until you could be able to choose your own path in life. Feeling more resonated to a field of study that you can express yourself could make you feel assured of your choice. Discover you personality so you can be able to know what are you more resonated until you can fulfill you destined role. Increasing in strength of us can eliminated weakness it’s always our choice, our life. 😉