Is growing your business, real growth? 🤔

👉 Many businesses collapse due to lack of foundations. As always foundation could be knowledge, personal growth, purpose, etc. Expanding in terms of spaces, employees, machinery without resources could make the assets become liabilities. Staying company of one means staying as small as possible for an exponential growth. Lowest investments with highest returns. So growing without profit could drag you down below from where you already are. Sometimes could be a greedy desire for more. Sometimes it’s all about investment on the aspect a business is lacking.

And remember our time could be the most precious of all investments! 😉🔥

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👉 One step behind?

🤔 Thinking to give up is not a choice. Is showing your weakness is manifestation. It means admitting defeat or your own weakness, when we don’t give up means we didn’t failed yet. Maybe we decide to give up, when we are one step behind from all we ever wanted. All of your desires could be just one step closer to be completed. Solid, concrete steps lead us closer and closer. Choose the pathway choose the right direction your intuitions says. Search inside, look outside but always learn the truth, the real data that benefit yourself from inside-out. 😉🔥

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🧐 Hidden abilities?!

🔦 Searching for possibilities outside is our main focus. But what if we look deep down ourselves finding our inside potential? Knowing the good we hide in our personality can help us bring out, focusing on what we can. Without even considering them because we don’t even know the type of our personality, and so on.

👉 Willpower can outsource any power we have inside us, hidden all our lives. It actually means power of will. Meaning, how much will we put in to effort of manifesting things we inspired to. It’s like getting your best tools and everything with you for your journey to succeed. With a burning desire to fulfill what you are destined to. Everything useful you have in in this journey are taken out by your willpower.

🔥 To spark your willpower, you have to create a need, if you don’t have one! How? Search for your own purpose. 😉

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😉 Realization of possibilities


☝️Acknowledge the potential of your present self. Even utilizing the knowledge we got from past can support anyone. Embracing the past is essential. Learning from our past self can lead us to our future self. Thinking about the potential of the tools we have now in front of us can lead us to a better life!

Today we have so much tools for improving our lives. Including cell phones which can be used for personal development instead of entertainment. We have not any excuse for blaming others for our failures.

You have everything you got from past, use it as a tool to elevate you! 😉

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Success is about habits

👉 Willing to reach high means sacrificing bad habits. Realizing the the path you belong means you realize the steps you make. Steps let’s say are your habits. Remove bad habits with good ones. Habits can be eating well, drinking water, exercising, rest when it’s the right time and so on. Then your steps will lead you to success. Realizing meanwhile that you are in the right pathway! 😉

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👉 Is it who we are the best what we could be? When we admit that this is what we can do we limit ourselves. Go out of your boundaries and comfort zone to face a different environment. Then we force ourselves to bring out other abilities and then we admit we are something else. Challenge yourself to make things happen. Sometimes a simple thing like breathing fresh air can help us think with clarity. Knowing where we are is like knowing where we stand. Knowing who we want to be is like knowing where we want to go. 😉

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Your destined role..

👉 What is your biggest strengths? Channel them, call them, collect them, increase them. It could be in many areas leadership, teamwork, communication, creativity and more. The point is personal growth until you could be able to choose your own path in life. Feeling more resonated to a field of study that you can express yourself could make you feel assured of your choice. Discover you personality so you can be able to know what are you more resonated until you can fulfill you destined role. Increasing in strength of us can eliminated weakness it’s always our choice, our life. 😉

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Insightful Solitude

In previous post we discussed about the functionality of Solitude. Now i will expand the concept on a a specific area of functionality. The ability to gain insights.

Peace of mind is a kind of freedom, where you are without any noise but your own. Creating your own environment by listening peaceful sounds. Daydreaming while the sounds in your head fade away. Prioritize your goals and which step comes next to go towards them. With stoicism knowing the game of life, how is it “played”. While discovering your higher purpose is where your focus must be. Knowing thyself and thy enemy, you can win thousands of battles (Chinese quote, Sun Tzu).

Well knowing your self is one of the most difficult thing. But as soon it’s been achieved it’s like you’ve beaten the most powerful enemy. You face truths that before are left uncovered and then you recall the strong “allies”, the light inside you to go above. Then know your “enemy”, your goal or purpose. First know your ground (yourself) THEN know where you go.

As long as you proceed and carry your weaknesses or darkness is then when support is needed. Learn to trust, appreciate and that you are not alone. Any can offer something that may be the missing part to achieve a task and lead you to your goal! Empires are built in group of people, because the king alone was unable 🙂

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