Insightful Solitude

In previous post we discussed about the functionality of Solitude. Now i will expand the concept on a a specific area of functionality. The ability to gain insights.

Peace of mind is a kind of freedom, where you are without any noise but your own. Creating your own environment by listening peaceful sounds. Daydreaming while the sounds in your head fade away. Prioritize your goals and which step comes next to go towards them. With stoicism knowing the game of life, how is it “played”. While discovering your higher purpose is where your focus must be. Knowing thyself and thy enemy, you can win thousands of battles (Chinese quote, Sun Tzu).

Well knowing your self is one of the most difficult thing. But as soon it’s been achieved it’s like you’ve beaten the most powerful enemy. You face truths that before are left uncovered and then you recall the strong “allies”, the light inside you to go above. Then know your “enemy”, your goal or purpose. First know your ground (yourself) THEN know where you go.

As long as you proceed and carry your weaknesses or darkness is then when support is needed. Learn to trust, appreciate and that you are not alone. Any can offer something that may be the missing part to achieve a task and lead you to your goal! Empires are built in group of people, because the king alone was unable 🙂

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