Wave Relativity

Earth would be always relative to us, through it’s magnetic field. Our planet has a magnetic field like our hearts. Our hearts have more magnetic field than our brain does. So even in quantum level we are connected. So why not accepting the relativity to nature? We are just so drained to tech that makes us less resilient to any biological or psychological challenge.

As humans we have a tendency to entropy caused by an intentional focus to what’s harmful to us! We can become more sustainable focusing to nature which is the source, if there is nothing else deeper..

Tech is just the surface of the new world used as an equipment to go forward, as I mentioned in my previous articles. Our minds created tech to use this equipment for the future. Having realistic approach on the pros and cons of technology can help us use it correct. For example phones can be used for personal growth, as well as can cause entropy. As an extent other tech can be viewed similaringly.

Also there are tech left unused that can be more useful than the casual ones.. This topic can be discussed in a following article.

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